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a hybrid engineering firm that offers various technical solutions when it comes to specialist installations, with a key focus on quality and best practice.

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We are an engineering startup founded during the pandemic of 2020 and our key staff have over 15 years’ experience in civil engineering design, construction management, technical installation specifications and quality assurance management.

We pride ourselves and are dedicated to provide clients with innovative and economically-efficient solutions, that meet specific technical design criteria requirements.

All installations are guaranteed with a qualified hands-on supervision using optimized tooling and backed with a quality assurance data pack and certificate of compliance.


Years civil engineering experience


our solutions include…

passive fire protection

Also known as Firestop, is the approved fire-rated sealing of firewall penetrations by compartmentalizing a building into extinguishable sections. From room to room and floor to floor, we cover everything from specifications to certified installation to ensure compliance with building code regulations. Protect your assets as well as your asses and reduce your buildings’ insurance premiums. 

post-installed fasteners

Specification, installation and testing of post installed fasteners and fixings to concrete or masonry, using design software that incorporates Euro Code 2 (EC2) standards and is based on the European Technical Assessment Guidelines (ETAG). We provide base plate optimization design for an economically suited connection as well as provide testing and reporting of each anchor. 

concrete & crack repair

Specification, installation and quality data pack submittal of all practices and procedures for concrete repair using sophisticated products that adhere to European standards (EN1504). All repair work is done by technically knowledgeable staff using optimum techniques.

quality assurance

Extensive experience in Construction Supervision and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems (QMS), which can be outsourced on a contractual or hourly basis or per site for the duration of the contract period. Can’t leave the office to inspect a site? Can’t fly out to attend the site meeting? Do you need contractors non-conformances register and risk assessments managed? We make use of a paperless cloud-based software that can be managed, reviewed and audited remotely. Contact us for more information.

why should you use smallittle solutions?

  • Competent, experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • Quick turnaround specifications designs
  • Direct consultant-installer communication 
  • Instantaneous economical vs technical spec changes
  • Quality assurance data pack issued for every installation
  • Installations with optimum drilling & cleaning equipment
  • Certificate of compliance included in QA data pack

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post-installed concrete anchoring

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A hybrid engineering firm that offers various technical solutions when it comes to specialist installations, with a key focus on quality and best practice.

+27 67 612 6631